Promotional Products that Will Be Used

The purpose of promotional gifts is to have whatever is selected used often by customers. Sometimes the goal is to have the business logo seen by as many people as possible. Larger items, such as tote bags, baseball caps, or travel cups, are ideal for that goal. When the goal is to keep the company name in the forefront of customers’ or clients’ minds, smaller gifts are perfect as long as they will be used and not tossed in a desk or kitchen drawer.

The Gift Should Relate to the Company

When ordering smaller gifts, like custom usb or logo flash drives, the more closely the gift relates to the company products or services, the more likely people will make a connection. A local accounting firm, for example, can utilize Custom USB drives as the way to present finished tax preparations, bookkeeping reports, or budget proposals for new projects. Clients will see the logo every time they use the drive and will store other personal account or budget information on the drive as well. They will also immediately recall the business name when asked to recommend a local accounting firm to business partners, friends, and family members.

What to Consider

 Flash drives can be selected from several different designs, storage space, shapes, and color choices. There is even a way for business owners to design their own custom flash drives. The important aspects to consider is promotional gift budget, the size of the flash drives, the speed at which information can be downloaded, and the amount of storage capability desired. Large flash drives designed to resemble animals, unique items, or superheroes are fun and colorful, but may not always be practical.

Bestselling drives include compact designs with twist caps, pen drives, and pod-shaped drives. Key shapes are popular as well. The possibilities are endless. There are also wristband USB drives that are fun and unique. Drives can be made out of wood, plastic, and metal. For owners who are not sure what type to order, selection services are available on the website. Design services are also offered free of charge.

Saving Money

Buying in bulk is an excellent way to save money on custom or logo drives. The pricing on standard drives includes up to two color imprint, free shipping, and a lifetime warranty. Retailers and distributors can enjoy a wholesale pricing discount on already low prices. A tax certificate or valid distributor number is required. In addition to promotional gifts, flash drives are a great product for fundraising and presentations.


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